What is ReImagine Retail?

Reimagine Retail is funded through a $10.9 million grant from the Walmart Foundation made to The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership. The two-year initiative aims to increase the economic mobility of workers in retail and related sectors and is the largest investment to date as part of the Walmart and the Walmart Foundation’s Opportunity Initiative.

About ReImagine Retail

This program effort works with nonprofits, educational institutions and government agencies to make it easier for people to advance quickly in the retail sector with free workforce solutions for employers and job seekers including

Basic Career Services

  • Skills assessment for retail sector opportunities
  • Job vacancy listings

Specialized Skills Training 

  • On-the-job or customized training programs
  • Retail sector credentialing
  • Increase skill levels for your retail team

Recruiting Assistance 

  • Connect to qualified pre-screened candidates
  • Provide resume review and job posting services
  • Conduct hiring events




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