The Partnership analyzes data on Unemployment Insurance claimants from the Illinois Department of Employment Security to gain insight into the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the local economy. This includes identifying the occupations and industries that have produced the highest numbers or shares of claimants and the demographics of these claimants. The Partnership also looks at online job postings as an indicator of how steeply the volume of postings in each sector dropped and the rate at which job posting volumes are starting to recover.

Finally, we highlight research into how workers of color make up a disproportionately large share of the face-to-face workforce and how essential workers and vulnerable workers are concentrated in some of Chicago’s high-needs neighborhoods. These high need neighborhoods align with the high concentrations of The Partnership’s customers and the areas that will directly benefit from jobs and training through the Chicago COVID Contact Tracing Corps.

Where are the Jobs?

191,973 Job Postings

191,973 Job Postings

(grouped by occupation)

The Partnership uses the Labor Insight tool from Burning Glass Technologies to analyze hundreds of thousands of recent postings pulled from internet job boards quarterly. This data helps The Partnership understand current job demand and employer needs in Cook County and its 130 municipalities. Quarterly reports are available.

Target Occupation Profiles (TOPS)

The Partnership uses Individual Training Account (ITA) dollars to provide funding for career training in seven industries and 40 target occupations for the ITA program. Certification is required to become an administrator of ITA dollars, local training programs must demonstrate that they train students in one of these 40 occupations which include:

Labor Market Information

The Partnership serves as a source of information on the region’s current and projected labor market. For more information, please contact us at (312) 603-0200.

WIOA Adult program snapshot

Total Registrants

Transcript of statistics:
Total number of registrants served: 4,307
Average Starting Wage: $17.78
Female: 51%
Male: 49%
Black: 62%
Hispanic: 18%
White: 20%
Asian: 6%

Exit with Employment

Transcript of statistics:
Total Number exiting with employment: 1,332
New Enrollments: 2,267
Exiters: 1,797
In Training: 2,940
On Food Stamps: 65%
Homeless: 1.5%
Basic Skills Deficient:47%
Veterans: 3%

Median Quarterly Earnings

Transcript of statistics:
Credential Attainment Rate: 69%
Employed in Q2: 73%
Employed in Q4: 69%
College Graduates: 22%
Some College: 10%
High School Diploma: 47%
High School Dropout: 3.5%