What is an Individual Training Provider?

An Individual Training Provider is a school or organization providing occupational training to Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act clients on a tuition basis, rather than a contractual.

How can my organization become an Individual Training Provider?

We do not require a proposal from potential providers.  All organizations must successfully complete an application process for consideration.

Why become an Individual Training Provider?

  • Training providers who have access to students who are in financial need and would like to obtain training and who otherwise would not be able to pay for school.
  • Once you are added to the approved provider list you will be able to work with any WIOA participant in the State of Illinois regardless of their location.
  • You can obtain a guaranteed payment agreement on behalf of the student aside from financial aid(ITA).
  • You will become a member of our Partnership family and be able to network with different organizations such as Non-Profits, Community Based Organizations and other For-Profit organizations that prepare individuals for the workforce of today.
  • You will be making your school more accountable to your students in terms of performance and also bring them outside resources.

What do we Expect from You in Return?

  • WIOA approved training providers will be measured on the successful training completion rate, credential attainment rate and training related entered employment rate of their participants.
  • In order to meet the training-related entered employment rate and successful training completion rate, there must be a sample of 10 or more students who have completed WIOA activities and at least 63% must have a positive outcome.
  • In order to meet the credential attainment rate, there must be a sample of 10 or more students who have completed the program and been exited from WIOA and at least 54% must attain a credential.

How will you be Helping Others:

  • Job seekers will have a wider access of multiple training providers and program options.
  • Job seekers will have the opportunity to visit the training sites and meet with a school representative to answer any questions they might have.
  • Job seekers make the ultimate decision of where they would like to attend training as long as the training school is part of the eligible training provider list and apart of the 40 targeted occupations.
  • Job seekers will be able to research the school and program performance of their choice prior of making a decision.

Most Commonly Used Terms:

  1. WIOA Program: The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act is a federally funded program that provides workforce development services to job seekers that qualify.
  2. ITA:Individual Training Account. Is a financial subsidy in the form of a voucher given to WIOA customers to access eligible training programs..
  3. ETPL:Eligible Training Provider list. Statewide list of approved WIOA training providers.
  4. WIOA Training-Related Entered Employment Rate: Is the percentage of WIOA training program participants who were employed within their field of study in relation to the total number of those participants with employment.
  5. Successful Completion Rate: Is the percent of WIOA training program participants who were issued an ITA and successfully completed and/or dropped out of the program.
  6. Credential Attainment Rate: Is the percentage of training program participants who obtained an industry recognized credential within one year of completion of the training program to the total training program participants who exited the program.

Application Documents and Target Occupation List


Applications may be submitted electronically to TrainingProviderApplications@ChiCookWorks.org or by mail to:

Anne Hogan
Occupational Training Manager
Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership
69 W. Washington, Suite 2860
Chicago, IL 60602

For information regarding the schedule for submitting applications for initial certification please refer to the   WIOA Title I Training Provider Eligibility & Certification. Only applicants with approved programs in the target industries and occupations detailed in the Occupation Attachment will be considered.