What is an Individual Training Provider?

An Individual Training Provider is a school or organization providing occupational training to Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act clients on a tuition basis, rather than a contractual.

How can my organization become an Individual Training Provider?

We do not require a proposal from potential providers.  All organizations must successfully complete an application process for consideration.

Application Documents and Target Occupation List

Applications may be submitted electronically to TrainingProviderApplications@ChiCookWorks.org or by mail to:

Anne Hogan
Occupational Training Manager
Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership
69 W. Washington, Suite 2860
Chicago, IL 60602

For information regarding the schedule for submitting applications for initial certification please refer to the   WIOA Title I Training Provider Eligibility & Certification. Only applicants with approved programs in the target industries and occupations detailed in the Occupation Attachment will be considered.