Chicago COVID Contact Tracing Corps

What is the Chicago COVID Contact Tracing Corps?

The Chicago COVID Contact Tracing Corps consist of:

    • 31 competitively procured Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) listed here, from Chicago’s hardest-hit communities
    • 450 Contact Tracers and 31 Supervisors hired by the CBOs
    • Resource Coordination Hub will refer diagnosed individuals (and those who had sustained contact with them) to testing, treatment, social services, and other resources
    • An “Earn & Learn” career development program in healthcare occupations for permanent employment upon completion of tracing corps (separately funded by public and private sector collaboration)

What does a contact tracer do?

Contact tracing is a process that is widely used in public health to prevent the spread of an infectious disease. It involves speaking to people who have had sustained contact with an individual who tested positive for the disease. Through a series of interviews, the contact tracers will:

• Contact people who may have been exposed
• Link contacts to COVID-19 testing
• Connect contacts to services such as healthcare, housing or employment

Picture of contact tracer Colleen H. working.

What contact tracer Colleen H. wants you to know:

We are in this together and together we will prevail. It is so important for everyone to work together and we want to make sure people are getting through this pandemic with the support they need.

Where Can I Find More Information About Services The Partnership Offers?

Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership (The Partnership) funds a variety of workforce agencies serving as a comprehensive employment and training resource for employers, jobseekers of all ages, TANF recipients, veterans, and youth throughout the Chicagoland region. Through The Partnership’s network of more than 50 workforce agencies, we are connecting jobseekers with skills needed to secure sustainable employment, and we are connecting employers with a trained and ready workforce.  All services are free! Find a workforce agency near you.

Even in these challenging times, there are local employers seeking talented employees. Check here for more information.

Chicago COVID Contact Tracing Corps Partners Include: