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About the Center

The Partnership’s Information Technology (IT) Sector Center promotes the workforce system’s business services by delivering recruitment and retention services. It creates an entry point for job seekers and business partners that lead to a variety of career pathways, benefiting communities, schools, and other institutions.

The Partnership’s IT Sector Center connects local businesses with job seekers to help build Chicago’s growing tech industry – which is projected to grow 32 percent in the next decade. The IT Sector Center creates a pipeline for valuable and transferable skills by providing companies access to recruitment and retention services. Additionally, the IT Sector Center’s employer resources include mass recruitment events, customized training projects, work-based learning programs, and more. The industry connects people and companies across the globe. In today’s world, IT is more than just computers, storage, and electronic data. Technology is the backbone of our communications network and is the thread that connects the City’s 77 neighborhoods and the hundreds of municipalities in Cook County. Chicago’s tech employment is over 300,000 strong, representing 7.2 percent of the workforce.

To reach The Partnership’s Information Technology (IT) Center directly, please contact J. Kimmel at jkimmel@nationalable.org.

To learn more, job seekers can contact The Partnership’s IT Sector Specialist Victor Vizueta at vvizueta@chicookworks.org 

Employer Partners Include

Information Technology Sector Center
567 West Lake Street
Suite 1150
Chicago, IL 60661