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About Us

Career Connect is a new digital information initiative designed to improve service to job seekers, employers, and public and private workforce funders through:

  • Creating efficient tools for workforce service providers to assist their clients
  • Capturing information on a range of clients and services throughout the workforce system
  • Enabling service providers and public and private funders to make informed decisions about how to best invest in programs and strategies


Career Connect will interface with existing state systems, improving access to services for job seekers and employers, and reducing duplicative data entry required for reporting performance metrics. Career Connect’s data system is scheduled to launch in 2015 serving as the front-end data system for workforce service providers to:

  • Conduct case management for job seekers
  • Manage employer contacts and post job orders
  • Pull real-time reports across funding streams

Career Connect will help improve the economic outcomes for job seekers and employers, enabling more effective use of public and private resources.  Additionally, job seekers will have an integrated system for:

  • Career exploration
  • Resume development
  • Job searches